Do I repaint my car?

Perhaps your car is over 5 years old. You’re not ready to sell it, yet you’d like to upgrade the appearance. Should you really spend the money in repainting your daily driver? Painting a car requires more than just a few cans of spray paint! There are plenty of low cost options that advertise “$200 paint jobs”, however the poor quality and workmanship will become apparent within just a few weeks, damaging your car even further. A high quality paint job for your vehicle starts with a qualified and well established paint shop. Endless hours and costing your thousands of dollars.

Do you really need a new paint job? RestorFX is a cost effective new process that is changing everything.

RestorFX™ is a hand-applied, refinishing clear coat restoration system which literally restores a vehicle’s clear coat to a like-new state, fixing scratches, scuffs, and other clear coat imperfections.  It is also a two-part, chemically adhering and self-leveling, process that is permanent, and guaranteed to last!


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